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The AOP Smoothie Series: Smoothie#2 -Spirulina Power Smoothie

The second smoothie recipe from Australian Organic Products introduces the Spirulina Power Smoothie! Made with organic Spirulina powder and delicious coconut water, the odd blue and green colour of Spirulina powder hints the abundance of health benefits of this freshwater plant. Continue reading “The AOP Smoothie Series: Smoothie#2 -Spirulina Power Smoothie”

The AOP Smoothie Series: Smoothie#1 – The Acai Power Bowl

We are over the moon to introduce to you the new Australian Organic Products Smoothie Series – featuring the healthiest and most delicious smoothie recipes.

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Quick ACV Detox Drink Recipe

Every household needs every now and then a good clean and our body is no exception to that rule. Our health is not something we should take for granted, but rather recognise that our body and spirit need constant maintenance in order to stay healthy and strong. Highly processed food along with sugar loaded prepackaged snacks are the new mainstream; Continue reading “Quick ACV Detox Drink Recipe”

Bamboo: The Sustainable Material of the Future is Here

When talking about sustainability, we may wonder what does it really mean for something to be sustainable? From the word sustain – it means that for a long period of time it will be available. Say for example gas taken from fossil fuels which is dug up from the ground will be depleted in about 53 years from now.

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How to consume Turmeric

Turmeric is all over the news lately and the health benefits for body and soul have been scientifically proven, but how do you best consume turmeric to maximise its benefits for you? Is it best eaten on its own or with other foods? If yes, which foods will work best?

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Bake a Cake the Organic Way

Try your hands at baking an unprocessed, organic cake that’s suitable for those with a wheat or gluten allergy, or anyone who wishes to eat healthier and try different ingredients.

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Brand Focus: Dr Organic

Choosing an organic lifestyle offers many benefits to your health but knowing which brands are really as natural as they claim without compromising on quality can be difficult. This week we look at a brand dedicated to offering high quality products that you can be sure to trust.

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Six natural, organic oral health care products

Many people are making the switch from modern mainstream products back to more natural, organic alternatives for their oral health care needs. Some are switching because of concerns over the fluoride content of conventional toothpastes or the alcohol content of mouthwashes. Others are striving to reduce their overall environmental impact or return to a more natural lifestyle.

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5 Perfect Pamper Products

After a long and stressful week, you deserve to take some time out for yourself and enjoy a little pamper night at home. Light a scented candle, pull out your favourite PJs, and follow these five steps to feel cleansed, rejuvenated and equipped to tackle the weekend.

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